Company Profile

IVA Technologies is a Russian brand of high-tech IT equipment and software produced by HiTech Group of Companies.

The strategic goal of establishing a new product area within the Group of Companies is to cover the needs of Russian enterprises and organizations for affordable, high-quality, safe and uninterruptible communication given sanction policies against Russia by the range of countries.

Since 2016, the vendor has combined the efforts of best developers, engineers and researchers. After consolidating the research and technology competencies in microelectronics, applied mathematics, radio physics and radio engineering, the company has been manufacturing several product lines, including IVA MCU fully functional video conferencing platform, IVA Stag switches and routers, IP phone units and IVA-U underground mobile radio communication.

IVA Technologies solutions are developed entirely on the Russian-manufactured multicomponent base and meet the requirements of the Federal Service for Technology and Export Control of Russia, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media and other regulatory authorities. IVA product lines help build a safe and high-performance IT infrastructure of all scales – from small offices to major corporations with internal data processing centers.

The HiTech Company enters the Top-50 Russian IT companies list according to the RAEX rating agency.