Custom video layouts, FLV-based webinar functionality and improved video and audio processing algorithms in the new release of IVA MCU 7.0 platform

Version 7 of the IVA MCU unified corporate communications platform has been released.  One important functional novelty of this release is the ability for platform administrators to create custom video layouts. The new tool allows the user to adjust the locations of the participants’ video streams on the group conference screen. A layout can be set up for the entire event or for each individual participant.

IVA MCU 7.0 supports webinars utilizing FLV-over-HTTP technology. The Flash Video format designed for streaming video makes it possible to instantly transmit video over the Internet in real time, which is especially important for webinars, where the video stream is mainly transmitted from the host through the server to the other participants.

In addition, the new release adds the option to configure the quality of the webinar broadcast. The following parameters can be configured when creating an FLV stream broadcast: the primary and auxiliary content resolution, FPS rate and maximum bitrate of both broadcasts.

The OneScreen mode is now available for participants using VVoIP, which makes it possible to configure auxiliary content display with support for its transmission over a separate channel. In this mode, the auxiliary content will be delivered to the event participants as part of the primary broadcast.

In the updated IVA MCU configuration, system administrators can now view an extended list of participants with more detailed media data, including connection statistics, video previews, etc. 

The new features in Version 7.0 include chat call recording and p2p call functionality for VVoIP users, improved sound adjustment on the participant’s end by amplifying the sound of the received broadcast, AAA-LC audio codec support, VNC-based broadcasts of events and a number of other improvements aimed at optimizing video and audio data processing algorithms, as well as improving user experience.