IVA Technologies will participate in the development of solutions for the smart city

At this event IVA Technologies was represented by Viktor Petrov, Head of the R&D Center vendor. In his speech, he introduced the software server for Video Conferencing IVA MCU and described the product capabilities for creation of the high-tech city. “Our concept can become both key when launching a particular service or an integral part that unites the components of the smart city," said Viktor Petrov. According to the head of R&D IVA Technologies, services for training, medicine, banking, security solutions and city information systems can be created on the basis of the IVA MCU video conferencing platform. “For example, speaking of education, it can be solutions for incomplete schools, services for remote parent meetings. The platform can be used in telemedicine projects, for example, to integrate it with medical equipment, to organize services for rendering remote medical care to patients. From the security point of view, the VKS server can be integrated into the situation centers, having integrated it with video surveillance and video analytics systems. And it is not the complete list of possible solutions," said Victor Petrov.

Following the discussion, the participants agreed to create a consortium for consolidation of the efforts for the development of the complex product within the concept "Smart City". It is assumed that the solution will be tested in the Innopolis city, and then distributed to other cities.