IVA Technologies releases corporate messenger for Astra Linux OS

Within the framework of developing the IVA MCU video conferencing system and ensuring its availability, IVA Technologies announces a version of the IVA Connect Desktop corporate messenger compatible with Astra Linux Special Edition OS on PCs. Now a convenient software application for operational communications between employees is available to Russian law enforcement agencies, special services and government agencies that operate under higher security requirements and use this operating system.

The IVA Connect corporate messenger was developed in 2018 for fast communication between the IVA MCU unified communications system users via mobile devices or workstations. The mobile and desktop versions of the application are available, it has the functionality for exchanging messages, documents, photos, audio and video files as well as creating and moderating chats, making personal audio and video calls. The own corporate server is used, which makes it possible to launch IVA Connect and communicate through it without access to the Internet (desktop version).

The functionality of the solution provides full control of communications (from the administration area), storage of text messages and fast access to the archive, an option to create multiple "companies" within one organization (subscriber visibility area).

IVA Connect for Astra Linux Special Edition OS is fully identical in functionality to the Windows and Mac OS X versions, the users have the same feature set available. This makes the migration from one version to another absolutely seamless and unnoticeable, if such a migration is needed, for example, because of software change at the corporate level or transfer to another job.

The performance of the IVA Connect Desktop application in the Astra Linux Special Edition OS environment has successfully passed all the tests. The compatibility certificate and the agreement on technological partnership within the framework of the Ready for Astra Linux IT vendors' cooperation program were signed according to the results of the tests.

"The IVA MCU video conferencing system was originally developed as a complete cross-platform solution running on popular and widely used platforms. Therefore, the release of a corporate messenger for Astra Linux is a logical and deliberate step. This operating system is becoming the de-facto standard in a growing number of organizations, as it meets the necessary security requirements without being a subject to any sanctions. The expansion of the list of supported systems is not a global, but still a very important stage in the evolution of our unified communications platform", said Victor Petrov, Director of the R&D Center at IVA Technologies.

"Video conferencing systems and messengers have become a necessity in the new realities, so cross-platform solutions are more in demand today than ever before and make it possible to significantly reduce the customers' costs for organizing a unified digital environment. Now the tools for operative communication between employees are available for everyone who is interested in protected solutions on the basis of Astra Linux", comments Roman Mylitsyn, innovation director of the Astra Linux Group.