The IVA Technologies expert held a series of lectures and master classes at the Innopolis University

In April 2018, a series of lectures and practical seminars on computer architecture was held at the University of Innopolis, organized by IVA Technologies. The lectures and master-classes were held by the company's expert Stanislav Zhelnio, the PLD senior software engineer, the main developer of the schoolMIPS and MIPSfpga-plus open-source projects.

The key topics of the lectures were the core of the schoolMIPS, designed for step-by-step study of the processor microarchitecture, systems-on-chip prototyping based on the MIPSfpga code, and the connection of peripheral devices to processor cores using the AHB-Lite bus.

"The schoolMIPS core, which was originally an extremely simplified version of the Sarah Harris single-cycle processor, exists in six versions today. Its study involves a step-by-step transition from the simplest version of the processor to the most complex one. It may be noted that this processor is rather simple for keeping its architecture "in the head", but it is suitable for breadboarding of caches, multi-core configurations and other "architecturally-oriented experiments," commented Stanislav Zhelnio.

Dmitry Krasnikhin, the head of educational programs Department at the Innopolis University, said: "It is important for the University that within its walls professionals, involved in the development of modern products, are holding such events. Students gain the most relevant knowledge, see the practical application of the fundamental principles that they study on such courses as "Computer Architecture". Such events influence the quality of the student's choice of educational and career paths, and also orient future IT professionals to knowledge-intensive and informative development areas".