Rostec and Hitech will jointly develop new IT system

State Corporation Rostec and “Hitech” Group have signed the strategic cooperation agreement. The collaboration will allow to increase the export potential of domestic IT solutions.

From the Rostec the document was signed by Sergey Sakhnenko, CEO of JSC Concern “Avtomatika", from “Hitech” Group – the chairman of the board of directors Nikolay Ivenev. The agreements on strategic cooperation were accompolished during the conference Digital Industry of Industrial Russia (CIPR-2018).

The agreement provides for joint activities to develop unified communications systems, data storage systems, artificial intelligence systems and machine vision, as well as to promote domestic developments in the domestic market and increase the export potential of Russian IT solutions. The «Avtomatika» concern will become the industrial site, where the development of “Hightech” Group will be implemented.

"Today the road-map for joint production and promotion of products on IT-markets has been developed, providing for deep cooperation in the production and provision of the market with demanded domestic solutions. We are already working on hardware platforms for artificial intelligence and unified communications. I am sure that through joint efforts the Concern "Avtomatika" and the “Hitech” Group will occupy leading positions in the segments of our presence ", - said the chairman of the board of directors of the “Hitech” Group, Nikolay Ivenev.

“This refers to the localization possibility at the enterprises included in the control circuit of the Concern "Avtomatika", the switches line, video terminals for videoconferencing, IP-phones and other products developed by the partners. Our enterprises possess the necessary competencies, technologies, capacities and personnel for the most rapid "crank out" production practically of any product in the information and telecommunications infrastructure building sphere, hardware and software systems, information security", - said the CEO of the Concern “Avtomatika", Sergey Sakhnenko.