IVA Technologies announced creation of the innovative portable underwater radio communication device

The Russian manufacturer of the mobile underwater radio IVA S/W has successfully completed testing of mobile radio wireless underwater communication. The company's engineers conducted tests in the Black Sea water area with the participation of professional divers.

During testing voice communication was established between divers in the water column at depths of more than 10 meters and at a range of 50 meters, and for the first time in history, a radio session was held across the boundary between the water environments to the surface with a base station on the ship. When transmitting the signal, the portable device easily coped with temperature changes in water layers, boundary of the environments and natural obstacles.

Today, divers use hydroacoustic systems for communication under water, the possibilities of which are severely limited. For example, hydroacoustics is not capable of signal transmitting between water layers and through the boundaries of environments, is ineffective in the presence of natural and artificial obstacles in the path of the sound wave.

Besides, the signal transmission range by such systems is significantly reduced due to underwater currents and sea waves.

The principle of the device operation developed by IVA Technologies engineers differs from the technologies underlying hydroacoustic systems. The company know-how uses unique technologies based on the principles of electromagnetic waves distribution. The mobile radio station of wireless underwater communication of IVA S/W is a compact device consisting of a transceiver unit and a transceiver antenna that is easily fixed on the equipment of scuba divers, without interfering with the movement.

The mobile underwater radio, created by IVA Technologies, is designed to solve a wide range of tasks, including the water vessels maintenance and infrastructure facilities in port, underwater rescue operations, exploration and control of mineral deposits on the shelf, marine bases protection, divers communication with the instructor or divers with the commander of descents, management of uninhabited underwater vehicles and others.

"Evaluating the results of testing our system, we are proud to announce that we have managed to develop a truly innovative solution that can improve the quality of underwater communication and expand the possibilities for studying the world's oceans," commented Nikolai Iveniev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IVA Technologies.

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