IVA Technologies expert held the seminar for Innopolis Special Economic Zone residents

On October 12, 2018, a seminar “Working with Innovations” was held in Innopolis Special Economic Zone on the protection of intellectual property rights. The speakers were Viktor Petrov, the Director General of R&D Center IVA (IVCS LLC) and Galina Dobryakova, the founder of the IREG Intellectual Property Protection Service.

Intellectual property is the most important asset of any innovative company, which is why the Administration of the Special Economic Zone Innopolis supported the initiative of IVA Technologies to hold such an event.

During the seminar, Victor and Galina shared with the audience ways of protection of developed technologies from competitors, as well as their vision on ways of development of technology companies. The participants were interested in the legal aspects of the rights transfer from the executors, as well as how to better discuss “sensitive” issues of profit distribution with the team.

“For almost two years now we have been studying the issue of protection of intellectual property rights and have accumulated substantial expertise on this topic. We understand sooner or later this issue arises before all companies, which is why, being residents of Innopolis, we offered to hold a seminar on this topic and share our experience with other participants of the Special Economic Zone,” commented Viktor Petrov.