IP phone IVA is equipped with a cryptographic security module

IVA Technologies is preparing to release a series of multifunctional IP - IVA phones with the LIRVPN cryptographic protection module. These phones will allow the company's customers to solve the problems of secure information exchange.

The basic model of the IVA Technologies phone line - IVA-Phone is compatible with SIP PBX from almost any manufacturer, intended for organizations that actively use telephone communications. The device allows to establish a conference call up to 4 participants, is equipped with an LCD display with a resolution of 128 × 64 pixels, has an intuitive interface and a built-in switch.

In the nearest future, the phone can be used in protected mode. The built-in cryptographic protection module LIRVPN, developed by LISSI-Soft, is implemented on the OpenVPN protocol with the use Russian cryptography and the recommendations of the technical committee for standardization "Cryptographic Information Protection", allows to organize a full-fledged VPN connection based on TLSv1 protocols, which ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted information between remote subscribers, as well as the possibility of differentiation of access control using certificates.

Authentication and access control are provided by USB devices with user certificates. With their help, the subscriber passes authorization and makes a call to another authorized subscriber. Service information and voice data with such a connection is fully protected. The new features of the IVA IP phone make the model relevant for use by law enforcement and government agencies.