IVA MCU 5.0: transparent authentication, session timeframes and other platform updates

IVA Technologies has released fifth version of its video conferencing platform, IVA MCU. For user convenience, the new version features a voice activity indicator for each participant in a call. The indicators are available not only inside the call, but also in the participant list in the dashboard. A special icon flashing red specifically points out loud-speaking participants. Clicking it opens a pop-up menu that allows quickly adjusting that user’s microphone input level.
With the new release, event moderators and administrators can automatically terminate the session as the time expires. Strictly limiting event timing is important for users whose time is valuable and who want to get only the top-priority information. The event participants will get a warning 10 minutes, 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the call ending.
In the updated configuration, IVA MCU supports transparent SSO authentication, which greatly improves the system integration with the existing landscape for customers with a common Active Directory-based authentication service.
Besides, the new version of the video conferencing software enables automatic event cascading. Thanks to this function, connection quality remains stable when multiple new participants join, even with heavily loaded media servers.