IVA Technologies at the International naval salon in St. Petersburg

From 10 to 14 July in St. Petersburg was held IX international naval salon, which is one of the world's leading exhibitions in the field of shipbuilding, marine weapons and shipbuilding. The event brought together representatives of the world's shipbuilding companies, radio electronics, security systems and weapons for the Navy.

Within the exposition and exhibition part, at the joint stand of IVA Technologies and the special equipment plant of JSC "PTS", Alexey Kirsanov, head of the Department of radio engineering systems, presented 48 delegations from 35 countries of the world a mobile radio complex of wireless underwater communication IVA S/W. 

The creation of a new generation of communications equipment for divers is important for the Navy, so the IVA Technologies solution, designed for the transmission of information and voice data in sea and fresh water, attracted special attention of the exhibition guests.

The results of the salon show its high demand from the enterprises of the marine industry.