Mobile Underwater Station for Wireless Communication IVA S/W Passes Pilot Testing in Indonesia

IVA Technologies with support from Pacific Aman Garda (PAG), authorized distributor of the newest hardware for law enforcement and the military, has completed pilot testing of its mobile underwater station for wireless communication IVA S/W in Indonesia. The company’s engineers, together with Mobile Brigade Corps (part of POLRI National Police), and Indonesian Marine Corps (part of Indonesian Navy) have successfully passed the testing at a training pool and in the water area of the Java Sea. The mobile radio station guaranteed reliable voice communication between divers, as well as between divers and the commanding officer, in fresh and sea water conditions.

During the tests the police and navy divers put the Russian developer’s innovative equipment to some serious tests, holding radio communication sessions among a group of divers, as well as from water to the surface, across the water-air barrier and with the commanding officer. The radio equipment transmitted the signal reliably, regardless of the sea swells, water temperature fluctuations and natural obstacles. Following the pilot testing, several delivery agreements were signed for the mobile underwater station for wireless communication IVA S/W.

The radio station is a device that consists of a transceiver unit, receiving and transmitting antennas. The antennas are small enough to be installed in the divers’ gear, without obstructing their movement. The device operates using electromagnetic wave propagation. It features a full-face visor with built-in headset.

The radio operating distance is up to 500 meters under water and up to 60 meters across the water-ice-air boundary. The device can operate at up to 100 meters deep for up to 8 hours.