The Unified Biometric System will recognize faces with the IVA CV solution

The IVA CV facial recognition system by the Russian artificial intelligence and neural networks solutions developer, IVA Cognitive (member of HiTech Group), has been integrated, tested by Rostelecom PJSC and is currently used as part of the Unified Biometric System (UBS).

The Unified Biometric System is a national digital platform created to provide citizens with a convenient and safe access to various financial, educational, insurance and healthcare services – and generally to any public or commercial services that can be provided remotely. Developed on the initiative of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the system is unique and is the largest biometric identification project in Russia. Currently more than 170 credit institutions in 900 cities of the Russian Federation are connected to the UBS, and one can register to join the system at any of more than 10,000 bank offices countrywide.

To access the services of organizations and enterprises that support remote customer service, the user needs to confirm his/her identity using biometric data (face and voice). These two parameters, combined with each other, enable precise identification of a living person, while preventing fraudsters from imitating a user.

UBS is a multi-vendor platform that combines solutions from leading Russian biometric technology providers, whose algorithms meet the specified criteria.  As the operator of the Unified Biometric System, Rostelecom is constantly testing products from various vendors and selecting the best ones. For example, this September the IVA CV solution successfully passed tests confirming its compatibility with the digital platform and the efficient operation of remote identification algorithms. As a result of the testing, the IVA CV facial recognition technology has been accepted for implementation in the Unified Biometric System.

The IVA CV solution was developed in house by IVA Cognitive and offers a unique blend of a broad range of capabilities for integration with existing systems, high performance and recognition accuracy, as well as a wide coverage of different ethnic groups.

The IVA CV system can be adapted to various specific tasks involving facial and image recognition, such as access control and management, queue monitoring in retail, personalization of special customer categories, etc.

Sergei Chernykh, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, HiTech Group:

– The operator of the Unified Biometric System places extremely high demands on the operability of the systems involving the recognition and processing of the citizens’ biometric data, such as face image and prerecorded voice samples. Speaking about facial recognition technology and its algorithms, the likelihood of a false positive in the course of remote identification must not exceed 1 in 10,000; the chance of a false negative resulting in denial of service to a legitimate customer should not exceed tenth fractions of a per cent, while processing the picture and verifying it against the sample biometric data collected at registration should take fractions of a second. Rostelecom is ready to integrate our solution with the UBS, which is a good confirmation of the efficiency of the IVA CV algorithms and our company’s in-depth competencies in facial biometrics.