Product areas

IVA is a unified integrated platform. This is an efficient problem solving for both government and business applications. Developed in Russia, IVA provides you with prompt technical support, documentation in Russian, infinite customizing capabilities and the top-level protection against possible external influences.

Video conferencing platform

Easy-to-install corporate video conferencing service that helps reduce costs and streamline business processes

  • Text messaging
  • Surveys and voting
  • Shared work with documents
  • File storage and transmission
  • Streaming broadcasting and videoconference recording
  • Smart integration with any videoconferencing system vendors’ solutions
  • Several event types: videoconference, lecture, webinar, selector.
  • Infrastructure for telemedicine services
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Data storage system

IVA YAR solution for the data storage system is developed to the highest user demands to online data storage.

  • Triple disk failure protection
  • Block-level and file-level data access (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FC protocols)
  • Online data compression
  • Data replication
  • Numerous backup copies (snapshot technology)
  • Optional container virtualization support
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IVA microprocessor
Special-purpose processors

Russia-developed processors with omni-purpose multicellular architecture and microarchitecture. These are high-performance, low-power DSP processors with advanced peripherals and dynamic reconfiguration allowing to maximize the yield from the four processor cells.

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IVA IP phone
Convenient and feature-rich office phone unit

The phone can be connected to any vendor’s PBX, providing maximum security thanks to data encryption module and speaker circuit disconnect feature..

  • Considerable price advantage against foreign analogs
  • USB port available
  • Corporate phone book upload
  • Conference call
  • Password for administrative parameters
  • 3 communication channels
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Mobile underwater radio complex

The mobile underwater radio complex IVA S/W is designed to transmit information and voice data in sea and fresh water and cross surface (water-air).

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Thin Client

Thin clients from the IVA VDI line are diskless compact workstations with a set of interfaces for connecting peripherals: monitors via DVI and VGA interfaces, USB ports, input and output ports.

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