Class 5 VoIP telephony server that provides telephony subscriber terminal equipment and telephony services. Provides intra-company communications, reception and distribution of incoming calls, support for local, mobile, long-distance and international communications services when using a VoIP gateway to provide a connection to public switched telephone networks (PSTN), and includes the functions of a session border controller.

Key functionality:

  • Management through WEB interface or API
  • Personal user account
  • Audio/video calls in SIP 
  • SIP trunks 
  • DTMF  (RFC 2833/ SIP INFO)
  • Call routing by A/B number 
  • Storing CDR records 
  • Domain Architecture
  • Delimitation of access (role model) 
  • SIP call with codec conversion 
  • Scaling/Rescaling of all components 
  • IVA Connect support 
  • Multiterminality 
  • “Follow me” service  
  • Call forwarding (blind/conditional/unconditional/accompanied) 
  • Auto attendant 
  • Call queue 
  • Conversation recording 
  • IVR menu 
  • LDAP

Key services:

  • VoIP
  • Status
  • Value added services (VaaS)
  • VoIP SBC: hiding network topology, protocol normalization
  • Personal account
  • Virtual PABX
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