• Managing your contact list
  • The use of file vault
  • Chats in conferences (individual / group)
  • Managing chat participants
  • Audio and videocalls

Software designed for devices running mobile operating systems (smartphones, tablets). The IVA Connect mobile application is available in mobile application stores App Store and Google Play and its corporate version can be downloaded to the device from the IVA MCU server. The IVA Connect mobile application allows you to exchange messages, photos, video and audio files with users and make video calls in chat rooms.


  • Extensive integrated communications capabilities
  • Conference chats
  • File exchange and storage
  • Recording events
  • Easy installation and setup


  • Contact list management - Contact list management - adding and deleting contacts, updating the information in contact cards.
  • Using file storage - upload, save and download documents in various formats, photos and pictures.
  • Creation of custom contact lists.
  • Chatting – besides exchanging messages, you can also participate in conferences and exchange files.
  • Chat participants management - you can make notes in contact cards, add and remove contacts, moderate existing chats.
  • Push notifications for requests to add to the contact list, sound notifications about incoming calls and message notifications.
System requirements Mobile
for IDA Videoconferencing, phones running Android 4.1 and higher
for IDA Connect, tablet devices running Android 5.0 and higher
System requirements Desktop
CPU: Intel Core-i5 or higher (for desktop PCs)
RAM: 4 GB min
Display resolution: 1366x768 or higher
Camera resolution: VGA (1280x720) or higher
Microphone, speakers or headset
Sound card
Connection speed from 512 kbit/s for small events (3 simultaneously broadcast videos of average quality maximum)
Packet delay - < 150 ms
Jitter - < 50 ms
Packet loss - < 1 %
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