• Operating on the existing cameras
  • Real-time reaction
  • Wide range of possible scenarios
  • The widest coverage of various ethnic groups
  • Wiegand Protocol support

Face recognition system IVA CV it is a hardware and software suite for automatic face recognition in real time. 

The use of this technology leads to significant resource savings and reduces the number of staff - the system, after implementation and configuration, essentially works independently.

Possible application:

  • Real-time search for people
  • Storing a database of visitor faces with a reference to history
  • Work with «black» and «white» lists – automatic alerting about appearance within camera coverage
  • Access control in restricted areas
  • Instant client identification
  • Personnel control: access,time of work and etc
  • Biometric authorization
  • Analysis and search in any video archives without connecting to video cameras
  • Integration with the existing access control systems
  • Statistics collection and targeting (advertising)


  • Safe city
  • Suburban area
  • Airports
  • Restricted areas
  • Banks
  • Subway
  • Retail
  • Telemedicine
  • Industrial safety
  • Cloud solutions
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