The IVA LARGO Video Terminal is a video conferencing system that can be operated via an intuitive graphical interface using the remote control. Remote operation through a web browser is also possible. The product features USB 2.0/3.0 interface for mouse and keyboard connection. The instrument camera supports remote directional control and zoom. An omnidirectional microphone is also included. Dynamic audio and image synchronization will allow you to conduct your planned conference call in a high-quality and efficient manner. The secure videoconferencing video terminal has versions for collective use, for large rooms, for large audiences and for personal use, for 1-2 users.

Functional capabilities

  • Control via a remote control device or remotely through a web interface
  • Automatic change of the bandwidth and video quality
  • Control of the layout and visible data type from the video terminal
  • SIP, H.323, WebRTC support
  • Content display (media files, documents)
  • Built-in MCU for 4 simultaneous connections
  • High-resolution support, up to 4К
  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Full-duplex echo cancellation
  • Dynamic sound and video synchronization
  • Integration with LDAP
  • Software updates
  • Russian and English interface
  • Full-duplex operation support of video conferencing servers made by domestic and foreign manufacturers
  • Compatible with audio and video systems of conference halls

Licenses and Certificates

  • FSTEC: No. 4242 of 23.04.2020 – 23.04.2025, NDV-2, TU (allowing the processing of state secret-level data classified up to "Top Secret" (inclusive) and confidential information in PDIS, GIS and SCADA systems). 
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: No. 4982, No. 4984 of 25.09.2020 - 25.09.2025, NDV-2, SVT-3, RDV
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