• Organization of communication in intermediate layers of water
  • The connecting wires and the overall dimensions
  • Possible to conveniently place the radio station modules in the aqualung

Major advantage IVA S/W:

  • Voice and data transmission at distance of up to 2000 meters for line if sight underwater communications
  • Additional antenna for transferring data at distance of up to 60 m from one media to another (water-air-ice)
  • Organization of communication in intermediate layers of water as well as in the coastal zone in the conditions of external disturbance and noise
  • Communication range independent from the hydrological heterogeneities on the signal propagation
  • Ability to bypass obstacles to the signal propagation

Possible applications:

  • Shelf research and investigation of new under water mineral deposits
  • Arctic development
  • Monitoring of the situation in coastal zones
  • Repair, technical. maintenance and modernization of stationary underwater structures
  • Prophylaxis and prevention of emergencies in the oil/gas production areas
  • Development of underwater unmanned vehicles
  • Protection of the water-naval bases
  • Communication in the reconnaissance group of combat swimmers
Performance characteristics of the prototype radio station
Communication range, m: 2000
Depth of immersion, m: 100
Distance with interference and between medias, m: up to 60
Battery run time, t: 8
Dimensional specifications (L×W×H), mm: 500×500×100
Mass, kg (without antenna): 4 kg
The Set
The transceiver unit with 2 different types of antenna
Battery charger
Documentation (passport, operation manual)
Additionally, it can be completed with a standard headset
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