7 Gbps
10,7 Mpps
Backup power
  • metal case 19"
  • 4 x E1 interface
  • 32 x Fast Ethernet interface
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • 2x SFP interface (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Power ~220V
  • Integrated uninterruptible power supply
  • Trigger inputs of fire alarm system

Designed for building corporate and urban networks, including for connecting individual subscribers and providing TriplePlay services. Includes fire alarm system, power and temperature monitoring. TDMoP-powered transmission of structured/unstructured E1 flows (G.703, G.704).

  • High performance
  • Ability to limit data transmission speed by ports in steps of 64 Kbit/s
  • Windows-powered multiplexers-switchers network visual control program
  • Local management console, port mirroring
  • Support of backup topologies (“ring-with-branch”, “tree”, etc.)
  • Security alarm functions
E1 interfaces
Quantity: 4 in RJ45 form factor;
Standards: G.703, G.704, G.706, G.823
Interface: symmetrical 120 Ohm, HDB3;
Synchronization: internal or source-based;
Transmission latency: from 2.5 to 512 ms;
Ethernet interfaces
Quantity: 36
32 Fast Ethernet - in RJ45 form factor
2 Gigabit Ethernet - in RJ45 form factor
2 Gigabit Ethernet - in SFP form factor;
Copper interfaces standards: IEEE 802.3i
10Base-T, IEEE 802.100Base 3ab-TX, IEEE 802.3ab
802.1000Base 3x-T, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
Optical interface standards: IEEE 802.3z
802.1000Base 3x-T, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
Specifications and features
Performance: 7 Gbps, 10.7 Mpps
MAC address table size: 8192 entries
Maximum frame size: 1632 bytes;
IGMP Snooping
Back-up: STP (802.1d), RSTP (802.1w),
Root guard function;
Port mirroring;
Static Mac function;
Four priority queues 802.1p;
QoS based on: switch port, VLAN;
DSCP, TOS, source/receiver
MAC addresses;
Bandwidth control: step value - 64 Kbit;
IEEE 802.1Q Standard;
Value range from 0 to 4095;
Double Tagging (Q-in-Q) - double tagging;
MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration);
Local control: 1 x USB connector,
1 x RS232 connector;
Control via IP network: Telnet CLI, menu,
Web interface; SNMP v1, v2;
Soft update NMS;
Overall dimensions (WxHxD, mm): 430х44х150,
setup in rack 19”, height 1U,
Weight: max. 2 kg;
Power supply
~220V AC and
–48V DC.
Connector for external 12V battery with 0.4A charging current;
Power consumption: max. 25 kW;
Typical application diagram
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