Specialized IVA processors are the development of IVA Technologies, which is grounded on the results of our own research of neuro processors. The basis of the processors is the matrix multiplication unit, which performs the most demanding calculations at a speed of tens of thousands of operations per clock.

Key benefits:

  • flexible IP core of tensor computing accelerator;
  • support of Convolutional, FC, LSTM networks, 3D-Convolution;
  • compatibility with popular frameworks for network optimization (TensorFlow, Pwtorch).

In comparison with the existing rival solutions, IVA Technologies processors demonstrate significantly higher performance (TOPS) with minimal power consumption:

  • over 30 000 computing elements;
  • at least 16 TOPS;
  • data types 8-bit integer and reduced float;
  • power consumption not more than 15 W (typ).

Solved problems:

  • pattern recognition systems;
  • voice recognition and voice-to-text conversion; keywords detector;
  • unstructured data prediction;
  • control of UAS and robotic equipment;
  • automatic guidance systems.
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