• Data transmission at distances up to 800 meters
  • Built-in low-power VHF transceiver
  • Compact, portable and energy-efficient

Radio station advantages:

  • Allows you to set up voice communications, send SMS messages and digital data through the rocks (celestial) for distance up to 800 meters;
  • lt does not require the use of а guide conductor (in the presence of any conductor, the communication range increases);
  • The presence of а built-in low-power VHF transceiver allows you to connect several radio stations to the stack for relaying signals, which increases the data transfer rate and provides connection to wireless sensors;
  • Compactness, moЬility and energy efficiency.
Signal specification
Range of operational frequencies: 500 – 3000 kHz
Transmitter power up to 5 W
Supported modulation types
Radio unit dimensions: 100x160x40 mm
Antenna dimensions: 50x50x450 mm
Radio weight: 1.5 kg
Antenna weight: 350 g
Battery type and capacity: 4 Ah, Li-Ion
Battery life: max. 80 hours
Data flow rate: Max. 9600 bps
Connection interface: RS-485
Explosion-proof design: Upon customer’s request
Networking capabilities: Upon customer’s request
Radio modem feature: Upon customer’s request
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