Research and development

IVA Technologies specialists provide research and development works for third-party customers interested in exploring new technologies and products.

Our expertise enable us to perform the full scope of turnkey development works – from analyzing the subject area and drafting development requirements and scope of works, to getting the product ready for release to manufacture, including development of all the documents needed for certification.

Our team includes the following specialists:

  • software engineers,
  • designers,
  • radio engineers,
  • radio physicists,
  • high-level and low-level, cross-platform software and mobile application developers,
  • technical authors

Key advantages:

  • End-to-end R&D – from developing technical specifications to implementing test results.
  • Highly skilled specialists with academic degrees.
  • Reliability – all works are performed in confidence, while maintaining ‘patent purity’.
  • Developing solutions for all types of markets: industry, consumer, etc.
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